I’m Shadow – writer, sex nerd and (somewhat twisted) mind behind the professionally-filthy sex blog Lascivity, which you’re currently reading. I’m based in Edinburgh, but travel extensively. I read a lot. I’m obsessed with psychology, sociology, games of all kind, true crime and tech.

I am also indescribably perverted.

I’m dominant, naturally sadistic, and enjoy experimenting as much as the next mad scientist. I’ll try most things once, and then usually once more after that just to check that the first time wasn’t a fluke. I am male. I am tall. I am straightforward to the point of bluntness. My favourite food is guacamole.

I write dirty stories about things that happened to me. I write fantasy erotica. I write things that verge on being serious literature and I write things that are undeniably farcical. I interview my friends about thier sex lives, and I write guides to everything from anal sex to insertable toy cleaning routines. My bibliography is a messy, strange, wonderful portfolio of filth. Feel free to browse.

Got something to say? Declaration of love? Correction, question, hate mail? Get in touch.