I accept submissions from readers all over the world. If you have something you think will interest me, send it along – it’s as simple as that. Reach me at I prefer text in the body of the email, but attachments are not a problem. Below are some of the things I’m seeking, but I’m also happy to be surprised.

1 – True Life Stories

I want true stories about your sex life. These can be intimate, erotic, weird or simply intensely interesting. I’m not looking for Penthouse Letters. I want reality. Tell me about a sexual experience that stuck with you, and why, in as clear and straightforward a way as you can. These will be published anonymously, unless you specifically request to be identified.

2 – Erotica

Fictional (or not so fictional) stories told with style. The goal: to arouse the reader, to light a fire in their brain. I care about the quality of writing. I care about about originality. I want you to branch out a little further into the wet and dripping caves of your imagination.

Mix in fantasy. Surrealism. Dirty realism. Mix in drama and melodrama. Make it short and sharp or long and luxurious. Use metaphor. Use irony. My audience is smart enough to understand these things.

I would like to see erotica written from unusual perspectives. Black and ethnic minority characters. Disabled characters. Erotica written for and by men. Kinky stuff. Extremely kinky stuff. Write what turns you on and trust that there are others out there who will find it equally enthralling.

3 – Articles

Articles can be based around an opinion, something in the news, a particular sex act or any other important issue. Give me guides on how to have better sex, opinions on sexual norms, curiosities and trivia and scintillating book reviews.

4 – Anything Else

Review a particularly steamy episode of your favourite sitcom. Write an essay on the source of your fetishes. Show me your sex diary. Gather a hundred different descriptions of an orgasm. Recommend me some porn and tell me why you love it. This is a project that you have the ability to shape every bit as much as I do.