I Can Make Myself Come Just By Thinking About It

I Can Make Myself Come Just By Thinking About It

I’ve always been extremely sensitive, and most of the time it’s kind of a drag. I can’t wear tight-fitting clothes, and a lot of things (scarves, having my hair tied back, bracelets) are just too uncomfortable for me. But being so sensitive does have its advantages. One is that I can make myself come without any external stimulation.

I can do it while sitting or lying down. I’ve never done it while standing, but I think I could in the right circumstances. I press my legs together and think about something that turns me on. Usually that’s the last time I was with my boyfriend. As soon as I start getting turned on, I start thinking about the sensations themselves, and intensifying them so that they get stronger and stronger. Once I’ve gotten started it’s not so hard to keep it going. Usually it only takes a couple of minutes.

Sometimes I do it in public, if I’m bored. I take the train to work, and if I see a particularly attractive stranger I can just cross my legs and lose myself in a fantasy. I’ve gotten very good at not reacting as I come – at keeping a straight face. It feels good to moan and move, but I also like the naughtiness of coming when I’m sitting right next to someone who has no idea what’s happening. The only downside is how wet I am afterwards!

My boyfriend loves it. He’s good with words, and sometimes we don’t even touch – I just lie on the bed and let him talk me all the way to a climax. I can come a dozen times before he even puts his hands on me.


This story was sent in by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. If you have a true sex story of your own to tell, get in touch.

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  1. I just thought I ought to let you know that I am DRIPPING just from reading this. That is all. Carry on…

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