I Took My Friend’s Virginity

I Took My Friend's Virginity

Back in college one of my best friends was bisexual. She’s since come out as a lesbian, but at the time she was still into guys – except that she’d never been with one at that stage. We were talking about it one day while watching Netflix, and she told me that she hated the fact that she was still “technically” a virgin. Her “seal” (her word) was intact, and even though she’d had sex with two girls at that stage she didn’t feel like she’d lost it.

Jokingly, I offered to help her out. But instead of laughing she just said, “Really?”

There was this immediate sexual tension. We’d always kind of teased each other, and sometimes there’d been a little frisson, but this was different. I told her of course I would, and we ended up spending the entire evening discussing it – what we’d do and how and so on. After an hour or so I was pretty turned on, and I got the feeling that she was too, so I invited her upstairs.

“Finally,” she said. And then we started making out and touching all over. It was amazing. We never actually got upstairs. We ripped off each other’s clothes right there and did it with her over the couch. It hurt a little (I guess that wasn’t the best position for a first time) but once I was inside her she was fine. She bled a little too, but we didn’t even notice until afterwards.

Once we were done we cleaned up, and grabbed a couple of drinks and cuddled for a while. And then we went right back to watching Netflix, occasionally pausing to kiss or cuddle for a while. It was an awesome experience. We only did it that once, but we’re still close friends, and we talk about it fondly to this day.


This story was contributed by Shadow. If you have a true sex story of your own to tell, get in touch.

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