My First Time Spanking A Woman

My First Time Spanking A Woman

I was into the idea of spanking and whipping for a long time before I ever got the opportunity to try it. In fact it’s probably one of my oldest and most deeply-rooted kinks. I remember reading about how they used to give the cane as punishment in Victorian school and being kind of weirdly turned on by it.

Anyway, I was just out of college, and it was with a girl I’d met online. We were dating by now, and we’d slept together three or four times, and I was crazy intimidated by her because she’d done kinky stuff before, and I had not. In fact she’d been pretty vocal about how much she liked being spanked, and I’d slapped her ass a couple of times while doing it doggy style, but I’d not yet gotten up the courage to just spank her.

We were fooling around one day, and I made up my mind to just go for it, so I got her over the bed. She was in just her panties at this stage, and very slowly and deliberately I pulled them down. And she moaned. That moan is stuck in my memory forever. She sounded so incredibly turned on, and it let me know that she knew what was going to happen, and that she wanted it. There she was in front of me, bending over the bed, ass in the air, gripping the sheets and waiting.

I didn’t let her down. I slapped her hard on first one ass cheek, then the other. It surprised me how much it stung my hand. And the noise surprised me too – the sharp crack of flesh against flesh, and the little moans she kept making after each swat. They turned me on so much that I only managed about a dozen swats before I just had to fuck her.


This story was contributed by Shadow. If you have a true sex story of your own to tell, get in touch.