A Day In The Life Of A Sex Toy Tester

A Day In The Life Of A Sex Toy Tester

For about six years I was a sex toy tester for a major UK lingerie and sex toy retailer. It always got a raised eyebrow if I mentioned it at parties, but I never cared. It was a lot of fun… I’d test about five to six products each month, and I got to keep them afterwards, so I had pretty much the most extensive collection out of anyone I knew. Part of me has always been extremely geeky, so having all that hardware to play with was kind of fun.

It’s not all great though. Sometimes you’re not in the mood, and there are a lot of crappy sex toys out there. I always committed to trying everything two or three times though, so that I could come up with detailed notes and write a decent review. Plus you need to use toys on a couple of occasions to check out things like battery life or cleaning. A few times the company sent me toys that I wasn’t really into, but I returned them unopened. They were usually pretty good about understanding my preferences… and knowing that I wasn’t interested in reviewing, say… a cock cage or a set of urethral sounds!

And there’s the relationship thing. A lot of guys (like, more than I expected) were genuinely threatened by the fact that I tested sex toys. Fragile much? I wasn’t about to give it up for a guy, so they either had to get used to it (and join in to help me test some stuff) or – all too often – break things off because they thought they weren’t “enough” for me. Sigh. Towards the end I did find a guy who didn’t mind in the slightest, and that was great. Made the workload MUCH easier, I can tell you!


This story was sent in by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. If you have a true sex story of your own to tell, get in touch.