Slave (Extract Two)

An extract from my part-novel, part-memoir Slave.

As a punishment for masturbating without permission, I fuck her roughly in the ass. She takes it on all fours, biting her lip, her whole body quivering with tension. I am behind her and I can look down and see my cock entering her. See the way she grips me. See the shivers in her slender arms. She turns her head to look pleadingly up at me, and I lower my mouth to her ear.

Why is this happening? I ask her. My mouth an inch from her ear. Tell me how you earned this.

I… I touched myself. Without asking. Her voice strained. Teeth gritted.

You don’t ever touch yourself without asking, you understand?

Yes, Sir.

Your cunt is mine. Any pleasure you experience comes from me. With my permission.

I’m sorry, Sir.

Not yet, you’re not. You will be. I pull back and take a fist of flesh from each hip and fuck deep all the way into her, hips meeting the curve of her ass. The full length of me inside her. She whimpers and shivers a little and I hold her in place as I fuck her until her arms give way and she collapses flat on the bed. Me on top of her. Our bodies in contact all the way down their length.

It hurts so much, Sir. Please.

One hand on the back of her head, pressing her face down into the covers. Take a mouthful of pillow and bite down. I don’t want to hear another word from you until I’m done. She complies. Her teeth look sharp against the material of her own bedspread – it soaks up her spit and tears, and she’s reaching for my hand, for something to hold as I impale her, break her – take her beyond breaking. Our fingers entwine, my hand still on top of her head.

It doesn’t take long for me to finish. Quick, rough strokes into the tight clutch of her ass. As I come I feel my cock twitching, swelling a little, stretching her that little bit further. She yelps – a hurt and tired sound, and bears down against the bed twitching as pleasure rolls through my body. I can feel each twitch in her as it leaves me. Something there in the way that my pleasure becomes her pain. Like lightning. Electric charge that flows between us, that is rendered different by the difference of our bodies.

Afterwards, I pull out slowly, inch by inch. The punishment is done and there’s no desire in me to cause her further pain. While I dispose of the condom, she curls on her side on the bed, clutching herself, eyes wide. I settle behind her and put a hand on her hip.

I’m sorry Sir, she whispers.

It’s okay.

No. I made a noise. You told me to be silent and I screamed. I’m sorry. Her words are murmurs. She’s in the faraway place that she goes sometimes, after. I stroke the side of her body. She’s warm. Her face is wet with tears. For a minute my palm is the only contact between us, and then she turns and pushes her head into my chest and holds me fiercely, and sobs.


This is a short extract from Slave – a part-novel part-memoir about a Dominant/submissive relationship. You can read the whole story for less than the cost of a cup of coffee – just download the book from Amazon.