“I Was A Teenage Vampire”

I Was A Teenage Vampire - True sex stories free online.

In Sex With Friends I talk to acquaintances old, new and virtual about the most interesting aspects of their sex lives. Here, I’m talking to Thomas, who used to drink blood on a regular basis with a bunch of his friends.


Shadow: So… you used to be a vampire?

Thomas: Well, I would never have called myself an actual vampire. There’s something kind of cringe about that. I didn’t think I was some kind of Twilight creature of the night or anything like that. But, yeah, me and a bunch of my friends did used to drink one another’s blood. For a good couple of years, in fact, while we were all in college together.


Shadow: That is, I have to say, kind of an unusual hobby. How did you get the idea to try it in the first place?

Thomas: It’s funny, actually. Don’t judge. It was from TV. There were six or seven of us who would hang out all the time at our different houses. We would smoke and play games and mess around. We were watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer one time – I can’t remember which episode – and one of the girls (we’ll call her Elsie) started talking about how sexy Spike was, and how sexy she found the idea of being bitten, and the idea of someone drinking her blood. We all made fun of her at first, but later that night one of my friends was like, “Well, want to try it?”

That night, actually, me and that friend both drank from Elsie. She was moaning and giggling and squirming like she really enjoyed it. I remember it so vividly. And after that it became a thing we did on a fairly regular basis. Elsie would always want to be drunk from, but we all took turns drinking from one another.


Shadow: So when it first started out it wasn’t really a sexual thing?

Thomas: Not overtly. But also basically it was as well. We were all crazy hormonal teenagers, and so it was inevitably going to end up being a sexual thing. Quite often it would graduate from drinking to making out and fingering. I ended up going all the way with Elsie one time after drinking from her way at the back of a little park we used to hang out in. It was so crazily intense. It wasn’t my first time, but it pretty much felt like it was. We ended up with our clothes covered in blood and dirt, but it was absolutely worth it.


Shadow: Sounds like it could have been a little dangerous.

Thomas: Yeah. I shudder when I think about it now – how careless we were and how stupid. We used to sterilise razors with a lighter flame and then use them to get the blood going. It was dumb! That’s all it was. Anything could have happened. We were extremely lucky that nobody ever cut too deep or anything like that.


Shadow: What turned you on about it?

Thomas: The actual feeling of being drunk from is quite nice. It hurts at first, but once the blood is going it’s not too bad. And it’s really intimate. To have someone there sucking on your arm, feeding on you. Or to be feeding on someone else – this warm blood seeping into your mouth while they’re lying there moaning a little. And with Elsie there was the fact that it so clearly turned her on that really did it for me. At the time I hadn’t had many sexual experiences, but looking back I’d say feeding off someone who likes it is as good as going down on them.


Shadow: When did your blood-drinking phase come to an end? Is it something that still does it for you now?

Thomas: I think we kind of just moved on to other things. As we got older it got easier to get hold of alcohol and pills and stuff like that, and so our interests just kind of shifted. I reckon Elsie still did it for a while, but she never talked about it much after our little group stopped doing it. And then we all went away to university, and it kind of became just this weird little story I sometimes tell.

I don’t do it anymore. Although I’m not ruling it out. If I found a partner who was interested it’s definitely something I think I’d want to try with them. Even now, years later, whenever I cut my finger I stick it in my mouth to stop the bleeding and the taste just takes me back. I like it. It’s kind of crackly, like a really dry white wine. Yeah. I’m certainly not ruling it out.


Shadow: Tell me about a favourite blood-drinking session.

Thomas: There was a time when it was just me and Elsie at her house. Her family were all downstairs so we didn’t really dare do much, but we drank from one another at the same time, and she was touching me through my clothes and I had my hand inside her pants and it was incredible. So intense. We went on for hours like that. I reckon it might actually be the most turned on I’ve ever been without coming.


My friends are weird. But cool. If you’re both of those things, you can be my friend too.

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2 thoughts on ““I Was A Teenage Vampire”

  1. Creepy shit. But teenagers overall are creepy people. I know I was (not that I got as far as drinking blood, but I was a weiiiird one when I was younger)

  2. thomas seems pretty cool about this… but I wonder if for some of the others it was maybe like self harm? or at least a way of letting off some tension. alot of teens go through phases like that growing up. this is kind of an unusual one, but I wonder if it comes from the same kind of place.

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