The Big List Of Unusual Punishments

The Big List Of Unusual Punishments

When enacting a punishment – whether for mutual fun, or in a genuine attempt to deter unwanted behaviour – most couples defer to spanking or whipping. Which, don’t get me wrong, works. You don’t need any toys to hit someone, and it’s easy enough to vary the severity of the punishment to match that of the offence. Personally I’m a fan of the things that can be done with a leather belt – a subject for an entire article in itself, perhaps.

That said, it’s fun to mix things up once in a while. And besides, many people actually enjoy being spanked – which makes it less than effective as a serious punishment. Fortunately there are hundreds of interesting ways to inflict pain on a willing victim. This list comprises just a handful, but I hope you find it inspiring. If you have any further suggestions, don’t hesitate to share…


Like spanking, anal isn’t a serious punishment for everybody. Many submissives take nothing but pleasure from being fucked in the ass. But if your partner happens to find it painful, humiliating, or uncomfortable it can make an excellent punishment – all the more so because it provides you with pleasure while denying them. Even when using anal as a punishment, be sensitive to your partner’s limits, and follow good practice to avoid injury.


Denying your partner the right to masturbate or orgasm can work well as a punishment. There are a range of male chastity devices that work well to deter erections, but none are safe or practical for long-term wear. There are no female chastity devices (that I know of) which are effective, convenient or safe – if your submissive partner is female you will, for the most part, have to rely on the honour system… with appropriate further punishment for any transgressions, of course.

Cold Showers

Force your partner into a cold shower and keep them there for a minute or two. Useful for helping a submissive who has been misbehaving to cool off and rethink their actions. Can also be made part of their routine by stipulating that each time they take a shower they must conclude with a few minutes spent rinsing off under a spray of cold water.


If you haven’t yet been introduced to the interesting effects of a TENS machine, this one will require further research. Electricity can be used to deliver both pain and pleasure, and the line between the two is often thin and difficult to discern. As a punishment it is delightfully medical in nature, and there’s a significant amount of build-up involved as you apply pads and plug in connectors. Fun.


This has nothing to do with figs, and everything to do with raw ginger. Peel some fresh root, shape the tip appropriately, run it under the cold tap, then insert the pointy end into the anus. A not-insignificant burning sensation will ensue. Combining this punishment with spanking or caning can make it more painful, as the recipient will tend to tighten down on the inserted root. Ginger can also be applied to other sensitive area – the clitoris, cunt, or other mucous membranes.


I tend to favour limes for food-based punishments. Making someone eat an entire one – skin and all – not only provides a fun show, but significantly deters further rule-breaking. Any food disliked by the recipient can be used. Some couples like to experiment with chilli, but this can be dangerous, so exercise caution, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Forced Exercise

For some, there’s very little worse than a five kilometre run, or a hundred squats – particularly when good form is not only insisted upon, but enforced. Forced exercise makes an interesting punishment, and one that can be applied over time – plus you get to use the always-enjoyable phrase it’s all for your own good.


For long-term wear, I recommend a ball gag or similar non-absorbent gag. Simply taking away permission to speak or vocalise in any way also works, and often leads to fun impromptu games of Charades. At the high end of punishment gags you’ll find several “Scold’s Bridle” style devices. These implements prevent the tongue from moving to articulate speech at all, and are also hideously uncomfortable to wear. Hurrah.


Kneeling on a hard surface for an extended period of time might be a sufficient punishment for your purposes. You can make it more unpleasant by first scattering the hard surface with salt, lentils, split peas or any other hard particulate. The end result is similar in feel to kneeling on gravel, but without the need to venture out into the garden. Leaves some wonderful impressions on the skin of the knees.


Having your submissive partner clean or polish something with their tongue helps with the housework whilst also punishing disobedience. Obvious disclaimers apply: don’t encourage the licking of anything that’s likely to be swarming with communicable diseases. If you’re averse to dirt, you can take a clean object and smear it with lube, chocolate spread, edible icing, or whatever else you have to hand. The act of licking and the resultant jaw pain should be punitive enough.


A classic punishment with scholarly overtones which can be demanded remotely as well as in person. Decide on a phrase, sit your partner down and wait while they write it out fifty, a hundred or two hundred times. Can be repeated as necessary if handwriting is not up to standard. This makes a good precursor to other punishments, and serves to drive home a particular message – repetition aids recall, after all.

Pegs Or Plugs

Depending on the likes and dislikes of the individual being punished, the application of pegs or clips to sensitive areas (nipples, earlobes, labia, etc) can be used as a punishment. For some the insertion and wearing of butt plugs will also have a punitive effect. These two are grouped together as they are passive punishments, which can be administered for a certain length of time, or while other tasks are completed.

Public Humiliation

A difficult concept to play with – and one where the threat of punishment is often more practical than the application. When using public humiliation as a punishment, consider the impact you might have on the general public. Safe and considerate public humiliation play can involve sharing text or images via online forums where other users have agreed to permit such material – you should be able to find one or more groups for this on Fetlife without too much difficulty.

Rubber Bands

Take a rubber band. Place it around the arm or leg of your partner. Administer pain by snapping it whenever required. This can also provide your submissive partner with a harmless but painful method of self-punishment, to be applied whenever they are instructed to do so. Be aware: this often leaves marks, particularly on the soft flesh of the upper arm or upper leg.


An extreme punishment, and one that is rarely practical. The shearing of a submissive’s hair has a powerful psychological aspect, and is also a fun and sometimes-painful experience. The removal of pubic hair with wax needs to be done carefully, but is agonising enough to serve as an effective penalty. The slow regrowth of the hair in the weeks after waxing makes a pleasant reminded against transgressing again.

Standing In Corner

Sometimes the simple humiliation of being made to stand facing a wall or corner is enough. Boredom and isolation are the real corrective measures here, rather than pain. This punishment has pleasing overtones of old-school detentions or time-outs. In addition, for many submissive types, simply being ignored for a significant length of time can be an uncomfortable experience.

Stress Positions

There are a wide range of possible stress positions which can be enacted almost anywhere. An example: take three pennies. Have the individual being punished stand with their face an inch from the wall and their arms extended on either side of them. They must hold a penny against the wall with their nose, and with the middle finger of each hand. Although a simple-sounding task, after several minutes it becomes both difficult and agonising.

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