The Big List of Unusual Punishments

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Punishment, for a lot of couples, usually comes down to spanking or whipping. Which, don’t get me wrong, works. But for a lot of submissive peeps a severe beating is something to be looked forward to as eagerly as a visit to the zoo, making the efficacy of it as a punishment… questionable.

Besides, there are hundreds of ways to inflict pain and humiliation on a willing victim. If you restrict yourself just to a severe beating every now and then you’re missing out on a whole rainbow of potential tortures. Here are a handful of possibilities for when you feel like mixing things up a bit. Or for when your arm gets tired…


Like spanking, anal isn’t a serious punishment for everybody. Plenty of people take nothing but pleasure from being fucked in the ass, but if your partner happens to find it painful, humiliating, or uncomfortable it can make an excellent punishment – all the more so if your genitals are configured such that it provides you with pleasure while denying them the same.


Denying your errant partner the right to come works well as a punishment, but beyond the short term you’re basically on the honour system. Chastity devices exist, but they’re not practical or safe for long term wear, however snazzy they may look.

Cold Showers

Severely unpleasant, effective, and energy-efficient too. For extra fun times vary the water temperature up to a comfortable level of warmth before reverting to cold again. Lather, rinse, repeat. But not for more than about five minutes unless you consider hypothermia a fitting punishment (hint: you don’t).


If you haven’t yet been introduced to the interesting effects of a TENS machine, you have a world of discovery ahead of you. Electricity can be used to deliver both pain and pleasure, and the line between the two is often thin and difficult to discern. I enjoy it as a punishment because there’s so much technical build-up: applying pads, plugging in connectors, twiddling dials. Fun.


This has nothing to do with figs, and everything to do with raw ginger. Peel some fresh root, shape the tip appropriately, run it under the cold tap, then insert the pointy end (…guess where, guess where, guess where…) into the anus. A not-insignificant burning sensation will ensue. Works just as well applied to the clitoris, or other sensitive mucus membranes.


I tend to favour limes for food-based punishments, because you can use the leftovers for cocktails. Making someone eat an entire one – skin and all – not only provides a fun show, but significantly deters further rule-breaking. Any food hated by the recipient can be used. If you’re going to experiment with chilli though, be careful. That shit doesn’t fuck around.

Forced Exercise

For some, there’s very little worse than a five kilometre run, or a hundred squats – particularly when good form is not only insisted upon, but enforced. Forced exercise makes an interesting punishment, and one that can be applied over time – plus you get to use the always-enjoyable phrase it’s all for your own good.


For longish-term wear, I recommend a small ball gag or similar non-absorbent gag. Taking away permission to speak or vocalise in any way also works, and often leads to fun impromptu games of Charades. At the high end of punishment gags you’ll find several “Scold’s Bridle” style devices. These implements prevent the any kind of speech, and are also hideously uncomfortable to wear. Hurrah.


Kneeling on a hard surface for an extended period of time is often sufficient punishment in and of itself. You can make it more unpleasant by first scattering the hard surface with salt, lentils or another hard particulate. The end result is similar in feel to kneeling on gravel, but without the need to venture out into the garden and annoy the neighbours.


Having your partner clean or polish something with their tongue helps with the housework whilst also punishing disobedience. Obvious disclaimers apply: don’t encourage the licking of anything that’s likely to be swarming with communicable diseases. If you’re averse to dirt, smear a clean object it with lube, chocolate spread, edible icing, etc. Extensive jaw pain will ensue.


Decide on a phrase, sit your partner down and wait while they write it out fifty, a hundred or two hundred times. Can be repeated as necessary if handwriting is not up to standard. A good precursor to other punishments, and serves to drive home an actual message – repetition aids recall, after all.

Pegs or Plugs

Depending on the likes and dislikes of the individual being punished, the application of pegs or clips to sensitive areas (nipples, earlobes, labia, nose etc) can be used as a punishment. For some the insertion and wearing of butt plugs will also have a humiliating, punitive effect.

Public Humiliation

This is one where the threat of punishment is often more practical than the application. As always, don’t be a dick. If you want to humiliate by sharing text or images online, do so in a forum where people actually want to see that stuff. Fetlife has at least a few. Otherwise, however hot it is, you’re really just spamming.

Rubber Bands

Take a rubber band. Place it around the arm or leg of your partner. Administer pain by snapping it whenever required. This can also provide your submissive partner with a harmless but painful method of self-punishment, to be applied whenever they are instructed to do so. Of note: this leaves more severe marks than you likely think it will.


It’s rarely practical to shear off your partner’s hair as though they were a mischievous sheep, but if you can arrange it, it’s extremely fun. Pubic hair is more doable. Removal with wax is fiddly, but satisfyingly agonising. Plus the slow regrowth of hair in ensuing weeks should serve as a reminder to behave appropriately.

Standing in Corner

Boredom and isolation are, for me at least, less fun than pain. Which is not to say they aren’t still a hell of a lot of fun. For some people, being ignored for any length of time is among the worst fates imaginable. Combine with a loudly ticking clock for maximum effect.

Stress Positions

Stress positions can be used to apply punishment in the absence of many tools or materials. All you need is a body and a wall. It might not sound difficult to hold a penny against a vertical surface with just your nose, but after about a minute it becomes both functionally difficult and agonising. If you have the budget for it, add an extra penny under the index finger of each hand, arms fully extended. Current record: four minutes.

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  1. Soo, the idea of boot-licking as a punishment is for some reason insanely hot to me. But I think it’s one of those things that’s hot-in-my-head rather than hot in real life :/ :/ :/

    1. I can see that. Boots can be gross sometimes, so while the idea of being made to lick them might be hot, the reality could be quite different!

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